All through 2014, over one hundred thousand Canadians have earned taxable gambling wins in the United States. Odds are someone in your entourage has won some money. However, most Canadians don’t know they may recuperate either part of the taxes or all of them. Learning about it and getting this money back is like winning a second time!

In the last few years,, the only bilingual company specialized in this field, and the only one east of Toronto, has helped hundreds of winners get their money back. Today, in order to spread the word around even more, the company launches its affiliates program.

Every affiliate will receive its own unique code. When you refer a player, all he needs to do is use your affiliate code in his request. Automatically, you earn 10% of the commission generated by his request! Better yet, in order to motivate him/her to use your code, we will also give your referral a 10% discount on our services!

Our system allows you to follow your account in real time, and to request payment of your balance whenever you want. Registration into our affiliates program are handmade and quick.

Contrary to most affiliate programs, ours is really attractive for a simple reason. While you usually work as a salesman as an affiliate, with, you represent a unique solution that will help the winners, as well as getting them a rebate.

You are working in the gambling field? In the travel domain? You are in contact with some winners? You simply have a lot of friends who love to play? Write us at and tell us why you would be good as an affiliate. We will write you back quickly!

Earning a few hundred dollars on a single file, even a few thousand dollars in a year simply by helping winners learn about and recuperating their taxes is possible!

You have yourself been taxed for a win in the USA?  Simply fill in the form here.

We will never charge you a single dollar until you have received your refund


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