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In a nightmarish tax season, the IRS is now able to see the effects of the changes brought to the agency, partly because of an increase in citizens filing, a result of Obamacare. Partly also because of the conflict between Congress and the President, with the IRS being caught in between!

Over 8 million calls have so far been disconnected by the IRS phone system, while those who were lucky enough to get an answer- only 40% of callers- have had to wait at least 30 minutes!!! No relief is in sight for either citizens or for the deluged employees.

Budgets have been cut by 1.2G$ since 2010 and an additional 1.2G$ was required to update the systems to include Obamacare, bringing the number of cut calls from 360 000 last year to over 8 000 000 this year.

How will this change Canadian filing?

Whenever services to American citizens are cut, obviously services to strangers are also hurt.

The bad news for Canadian players is that they will have to wait a little longer before they receive their refund. The good news on the other hand is that those delays are for logistic reasons only and in no way will they affect the way these filings will be treated. If you are owed money, you will absolutely receive it.

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