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GamblingTaxes.ca was born out of a Canadian association between professionals from the finance and gambling sectors, with the objective to provide unparalleled expertise regarding casino winnings and their taxation in the United States. In operation for almost ten years, the company stands out for its unparalleled success rate, its outstanding customer service, its fully bilingual staff and the level of satisfaction of its customers.

The company was founded by Philippe Jette, Martin Lalonde and Yves Bouchard. Together, they can not only meet all tax-related needs of your gambling winnings, but also offer a range of solutions and contacts unmatched in the industry. Precisely, Gamblingtaxes.ca is:

Philippe Jetté - PDG Taxesdejeu.ca

Philippe Jette

President - CEO

Philippe has been working in the gaming industry since he left university, as soon as he entered the workplace. He is passionate about the industry, both online and in real casinos. He has a sharp understanding of the opportunities as well as challenges it brings. Having himself been a professional poker player for a few years, Philippe jumped on the task at GamblingTaxes.ca and has followed every training required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in order to make sure he had all the required certificates, and much more. In addition to being a Registered Tax Return Preparer, Philippe takes part in the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) and is also a Certifying Acceptance Agent.

Philippe Jette is in charge of the daily operations as well as the marketing aspect of GamblingTaxes.ca.

Mr. Jette, alongside Mr. Bouchard, is also co-owner of PrincePoker.com and Poker-Solution, the latter being amongst other things managing the 2010 WSOP World Champion Jonathan Duhamel.

Martin Lalonde - Directeur Financier

Martin Lalonde

Chief Financial Operations

Martin Lalonde, MBA and CFA, is vice-president of GamblingTaxes.ca. With his advanced academic baggage and his numerous contacts in the financial world, Martin possesses all the tools needed to put forward tailor made solutions, even for the most complicated situations. Martin also has worked for over ten years in the gambling world, notably with the Société des Casinos du Québec. Martin is also founding President of Rivemont, a private portfolio management firm. His financial expertise coupled with his high level contacts, Martin is able to go a lot further than just recuperating your US taxes, since he also benefits from a large experience relative to gambling taxes in Canada, and also in management and financial planning for many professional players in the country.

Mr. Lalonde is also a Certifying Acceptance Agent.

Yves Bouchard - Vice Président

Yves Bouchard


Yves has been in the gambling business for over 40 years and has the contact list to prove it! Yves specialises in business development as well as collaborating to the branching out of the company, and this on both sides of the border and beyond. Benefitting from his large understanding of this industry, Yves was the one who first had the idea of this partnership which led to GamblingTaxes.ca. Yves is also co-owner of Solution-Poker and PrincePoker. The extent of his expertise allows us to enjoy many useful contacts in many American casinos.

Mr. Bouchard is also a Certifying Acceptance Agent.

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