Gamblingtaxes.ca, also known in French as Taxesdejeu.ca, begins its second year in the field of American taxes retrieving, for those fortunate enough to win money in the United States.

It was quite a first year! A perfect return percentage, with only one slower claim, with winners of close to a million dollars! The second year promises a lot more, as the company already has over two million dollars in guaranteed customer winnings, even though 2013 is not finished yet.

More importantly, Gamblingtaxes.ca was able to demystify the process of recuperating gambling taxes withheld by the casinos for its customers. The other mission the company had set in its sights was to modernize the system in order to allow the winners to maximize their returns. Mission accomplished here also!

Finally, the last goal for the young firm: finalize some strategic agreements with various connected stakeholders. A few agreements have already been concluded and the second year should bring more and bigger ones. Before long, this network will allow Gamblingtaxes.ca to become a major firm in this delicate business of recovering taxes paid to the IRS by Canadian winners.

The poker experience from the 3 owners is undeniable and it shows in the often complex cases brought in from this game.  A better understanding bring better results and no one will complain about this!

Furthermore, the presence inside the company of a private edge funds manager, Martin Lalonde, MBA CFA, allows the firm to complete the circle for many customers. They can find in Gamblingtaxes.ca a firm that can help them with many fiscal aspects, not always related directly to gambling.

Thanks to you, to your word of mouth, to your confidence, Gamblingtaxes.ca can assure you the second year will be even better, filled with winners and always as close to its customers.

We will never charge you a single dollar until you have received your refund


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